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North Queensland Getaway

Great Barrier Reef liveaboard, Daintree rainforest, Outback and Chillagoe Caves package. Explore limestone caves, discover the oldest tropical rainforest and stay on the Reef.

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Liveaboard Snorkel Tours, Cairns Queensland, Australia

Liveaboard Snorkel tours offer outstanding aquatic experiences

Great Barrier Reef
Great Barrier Reef

Our selection of Australia’s best liveaboard snorkel tours will have you snorkelling on pristine reefs on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Imagine a gentle breeze moving over crystal clear water out in the Pacific Ocean.

Indulge in the temperate weather as a ship glides gracefully through this serene and gorgeous nautical landscape.

Our liveaboards offer so much more than a day tour as you will have stunning no locations, liveaboard boats always take fewer people than day tours and generally choose locations where they are the only vessel.

Take a few days to explore the area by ship and liveaboard with others to have incredible, up-close encounters with marine life.

Learning and mastering snorkelling

liveaboard snorkel
Great Barrier Reef snorkel

Snorkelling is an easy and straightforward way to experience the Great Barrier Reef. Swimmers use masks and fins to float along the water’s surface (occasionally holding their breath to dive down) to get a clear view of the ocean below.

The chance to get up close with our beautiful marine life

There are thousands of animals who call the reefs home year-round, colourful damselfish, green sea turtles, clownfish, octopus are only a couple of the thousands of fish types that call the Great Barrier Reef home.

Do not miss the intricate coral and rock formations either – these natural environments provide a colourful and scenic haven for the creatures to dwell in, well protected by local government and marine biologists eager to keep the Great Barrier Reef thriving.

A perfect ship to stay on

All vessels equipped to ensure the best of stays, with private cabins, delicious meals and a top-notch crew at your service.

The crew onboard will be happy to assist you with snorkel demonstrations and reef briefings during the day, and there are always plenty of snorkelling opportunities.

It makes hours of reef fun a breeze with all the planning done for you.

Take advantage of additional perks as well to make the experience even more spectacular.

Rent a state-of-the-art underwater camera, learn the basics of scuba diving or even take a special glass-bottom boat tour during your time off.

liveaboard snorkel
Maori Wrasse

Depending on your abilities, preferences and time frame,  Our liveaboard snorkel tours have a package that suits your needs.

Immerse in wonder during your trip of a lifetime to the Great Barrier Reef with Liveaboard

We have outstanding liveaboards departing from Cairns and the Whitsunday Islands.