Countless things to do in Cairns

With a history dating back to the 1800s, the city of Cairns in Queensland, Australia has some of the most breath-taking natural views in the country.

Outdoor enthusiasts venture to the area to partake in a wide variety of endeavours, including biking, surfing and of course snorkelling.

Not only are there beaches, forest and waterfalls to explore, travellers can also take time to experience Cairn’s culinary delights, museums and even theatrical performances.

Cairns water activities

Taking advantage of the North Queensland coastline is a must when travelling.

Relax on one of  beautiful beaches, try Kite surfing or paddle boarding

Try Ellis Beach or Green Island to begin, or take a boating trip outside the reefs for a bigger selection.

In the gentle surf, another exciting pastime is jet skiing.

These are easily rented from several shops in Cairns and can be used by almost anyone.

See much of the coast in a little time while gliding along on these speedy and fun nautical vehicles.

Head inland

Hikers find their haven in Cairns throughout the plentiful gardens, parks and trails. Paronella Park is a great place to visit to spy some local vegetation, while the Cairns Botanical Gardens have some more wild varieties.

For something a little more challenging, hikers can conquer the Glacier Rock lookout point and see panoramic views of Cairns and it’s surroundings.

The Behana Gorge Waterfall is another spot that requires walking shoes but offers a reward of spectacular cascades and wildlife.

 Snorkeling cannot be beat

While the culture, history, and natural beauty of Cairns is a big draw for travellers, this hub also provides the ideal spot for indulging activities to appreciate local marine life.

Cairns is situated right in the Middle of the Great Barrier Reef chain, allowing locals and visitors alike the chance to explore this thriving and famous ecosystem with ease. Ships that have guests “live aboard” vessels often have transfer vessels that take their clients from Cairns  to the reef for snorkelling and scuba diving.

This is one of the easiest ways to become fully immersed in the marine life and scenery of Australia’s most famous natural wonder.

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